Amazing Lace is an international success that blossoms from the heart of the talent in each and every one of our employees. At Amazing Lace we are all equal. We marvel at each others' individual strengths as we root and cheer for our overall success as a team. This leaves little room for negativity and anyone on the slow track get's left in our dust - yeah we said it!

SO… if you are an amazing, super star, rockstar of a talent then we need you to join our team of infinite radness!

Please send your resume to and give a brief description why you are a perfect for Amazing Lace.



  • You are passionate about photography.
  • You are passionate about our products.
  • You are passionate about the photography of our products.



  • Blemish... what blemish?
  • We shall nickname you the Pixel Princess, or Prince. 
  • Cozy, comfy and coffee is all you need at your desk, and maybe a cat?



  • You just KNOW what goes together and what looks terrible together.
  • You know what an OOTD is.
  • You can whip an outfit into shape like Reddi Wip whips cream. 
  • Pinterest will be your first born child's name. 



  • Your style isn't just visual it's verbage.
  • You actually read Vogue.
  • Your friends might call you the "grammar po-po" of Instagram



  • Media is your middle name & retentions are your game.
  • You put your media where your mouth is.
  • You are a master researcher, analyzer and borderline stalker.



  • You aren't afraid to dance around the warehouse & #bustamove.
  • You're thrifty in making sure your postage is right on the money.
  • You are as reliable as a Greyhound Bus
  • You want to be first in line to drool over the new merch!
  • You have a thing for UPS drivers and mail carriers.



  • You have never eaten a sour grape.
  • People are for pleasing.
  • Your smile is made of plaster.