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An Amazing Lace Model Representative is someone who represents AL to the highest social status. We collaborate both ways with Model Reps. This is not an Influencer position. Most Influencers promote the Brand however, the Brand does not always promote the influencer, until now!

Being an Amazing Lace Model Representative we will promote you in return. You will be AL family! Spots are limited.

 How It Works:

  • AL Family means you are one of us. You sell for us, you promote for us, you ride for the brand! Our customers will follow you, look up to you and obsess over you when you produce babe content and insider info all about AL!
  • As a Model Rep you will receive free clothes every month and we will promote you as a Model Rep in return if the content is approved. Providing bomb content is a sure way to get maximum exposure. We send you an outfit or wardrobe each month depending on what level you achieve. Beginners start with one outfit and can work their way up to 10 a month. You keep these clothes!
  • Joining the AL family requires hard work and dedication with the rewards of a loyal babe following!

How To Apply:

YOU MAY BE EXCITED TO HEAR... this program is NOT an influencer program. We will not be accepting accounts who promote other clothing brands.

DM us on Instagram, make sure your account is public and not private. We will review your aesthetic to determine if we think you can provide thoughtful and targeted content. Spots are limited and we will receive a ton of applicants so if you do not hear back please wait and try again at a later date. IMPORTANT - we are not looking for people who influence through their accounts. We are looking for babe models who just want to work solely with Amazing Lace.


      • We are looking to be your only clothing brand that you rep. Other brands of shoes/jewelry/accessories we are okay with but not clothing brands or boutiques.

      • Visual aesthetic is the upmost important part of your job in creating content. Make sure you add quality to our brand and we will promote you. 

      • As a Model Representative you will be followed by the ALbabes as a role model and we expect our Model Reps to be good role models!