About Us

Amazing Lace is an international online Women’s contemporary fashion company.  The heart of Amazing Lace is truly to inspire the fashion obsessed without insane prices.   Although asked all the time by the local communities we do not  and will not have retail stores.  At Amazing Lace we believe that online shopping is the future for our brand.  


Founder and CEO Chrissy Chandler starter her career in online marketing and ecommerce in 2005 on the eBay platform.  During this time eBay was babybooming companies like Amazing Lace and other big names they write books about today.  There she ventured to sell brand name lingerie because she noticed an immediate demand in the marketplace and lingerie was an affordable start-up operation without the need for Capital Investment.  Chrissy quickly became a platinum domestic and international seller and realized her potential as a buyer could be greatly expanded into women’s fashion which was an easy obsession for her.  Although selling lingerie in her early 20's was not her dream job it was a stepping stone into making Amazing Lace the power company it is today.  

Amazing Lace believes that fashion should not come with an inflated price tag because it is ever changing with each season.  We do, however, believe in premium denim, purses and sunglasses.  All of which we will never try to sell you.  The rest we believe is fair game.

Amazing Lace is one of The USA’s fastest growing online companies.   Amazing Lace is headquartered in Memphis, TN where even FED EX houses its headquarters, making it faster and easier to ship from their central USA location to customers worldwide. 

 We humbly thank you for taking the time to support our brand.