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SAGE The Label

Easy beach living meets wild city nights!

Ethical/Sustainable Efforts and Production

 "When we launched Sage the Label, we knew we wanted to bring the majority of our production in house to strive towards a more thoughtful manufacturing process. While we’re not there yet, we are proud to introduce our partial in house production. By increasing our in house manufacturing, we are able to show love for our Mother Earth and champion fair labor wages. 

At Sage the Label, we’re always finding inspiration and renewing our creative spirits by reflecting on and growing from our past. Through one of our most beloved passion projects, we realized that as a brand, we must take a more active role in our production. In doing so, we have taken methods to implement a design initiative based on a cut to order model. Designing more consciously and with intent allows us to prioritize quality and sustainability to our customers. As part of this conscious design process, we will source deadstock fabric and bring new life to vintage and unused fabrics that would otherwise unnecessarily go to waste."