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Sustainable + Ethical Fashion

1. ETHICS pertaining to Human Rights - when you buy ETHICAL FASHION you support Fair Wages, Child Labor Laws, safe working conditions, Environmental Regulations and Workers Rights. All of these human rights are not always adhered to in foreign countries. 

2. SUSTAINABILITY - Following environmental regulations. Using recycled materials to reproduce. Using organic materials free of harmful dyes and chemicals.

3. ECONOMIC FASHION Made In USA- this provides jobs at every level of production, Starting with design, creation, construction or expansion, finance firms and the local utilities of the company to name a small few. 

REGARDING LEATHER - there are two arguments to be made that the breakdown of leather is more sustainable for the environment VS man-made synthetic materials and therefor will be included if the brand is ethical or economic in production. To read further please visit our individual BRAND PAGES listed in the navigation to read our highlights on core brand values.